Letter to Trent Reznor

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Trent,

Last night you won an Oscar for your score of the Social Network. It’s been a long tough road getting here. You’ve fought through depression, anxiety, and addictions. You’ve made it through to the other side. I’m so glad that you did, because you are such a gifted musician.

Thank you for getting your act together. Hot damn, if you’re not the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. Have you been working out? Congratulations and we are SO proud of you.

Acceptance speech…

My favorite NIN song and consequently on my list of songs to conceive my first four children to:

So hot.


Deerhunter on Late Night

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Deerhunter has been making the rounds on the late night circuit, promoting a new single. I will admit that on first glance, I could not get past Bradford Cox’s appearance. Yes, the man has Marfan’s Syndrome which makes him abnormally tall, with abnormally long arms and fingers. But man…my loss.

A childhood alienated from people and mostly spent in his bedroom working on music. Making beautiful, lonely, sad music and now connecting to people through his music.

“Memory Boy”



Heartbreaking and beautiful.